Iconic Photographs by Steve McCurry

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Whether you are a photographer or not, you will recognize the work of Steve McCurry.

He is one of the most respected and successful photographers of our time.

About Steve McCurry and His Famous Photos

steve mccury nuns walking in burma

When you see all the famous photos that Steve McCurry has taken, you heck soon realize just how iconic this photographer is.

Phaidon Press has just released Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs, a large-format limited edition book that includes 165 of his most evocative and famous photographs like the Afghan Girl pictured below.

This book is destined to be a collector’s item as there are only 3,300 copies being printed all signed by Steve McCurry.

afghan girl national geographic cover - famous photos by steve mccurry
Famous Afghan Girl Photographed by Steve McCurry

Who is Steve McCurry?

flower seller india iconic photographs by Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry has been providing the world with arresting images for 20 years.

It all started when he disguised himself as a native and crossed the Pakistan border into Afganistan. He has contributed to countless magazines, most notably National Geogra

phic where he is known for capturing the “fundamental essence” of his subject.

As I looked over the review package for the book I became more and more fascinated with his work.

I have always known of his famous photographs, but to listen to the videos of McCurry himself explaining the stories behind the photographs, was even more intriguing.

Listen to Steve McCurry discuss his iconic photograph: “Widow”

steve mccurry photography

Having been to India ourselves we witnessed a lot of poverty and suffering, but it is the resilience of the people that is inspiring and as McCurry talks of the ‘Widow, Vrindavan, India (1995)’ I am reminded of this.

The Iconic Photographs give the reader a glimpse into the lives of regular people around the world from India to the Middle East and is a collection of his most famous portraits.

The images are reproduced life-size so that the viewer can meet them eye-to-eye.”

iconic photos of steve mccurry

Covering significant events such as the Gulf War and Afghan War has earned him the Robert Capa Gold Medal which is awarded to photographers who exhibit exceptional courage and enterprise.

Listen to him Discuss his photograph “Camels” from the Gulf War

famous works by steve mccurry

His image of “Camels, Gulf War, Kuwait’ exhibits his ability to capture spectacular visions of the world.

Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs is available from Phaidon.com

steve mccurry iconic photographs

All Photographs © Steve McCurry

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9 thoughts on “Iconic Photographs by Steve McCurry”

  1. The Afghan girl is my all time favorite picture. She has haunted me since she appeared on the cover of NatGeo till this very day.

  2. Steve McCurry’s work is A1 to say the least. I am sometimes in ore of how he has been able to capture certain moments in somewhat difficult environments. There was a great National Geographic documentary of how they tried to track down the girl photographed on that famous cover. Great viewing, if anyone gets the chance of seeing it.

  3. I don’t know who Steve McCurry is until you show some of the photos. I’m always bad at remembering name but with powerful visual I always remembered them easily. The photography are stunning.

  4. you know I used to think pretty damn highly of Steve McCurry but then I read some not-so-nice things about him lately from students who took classes with him. It wasn’t just one person on a rant either but others as well have spoken up. I will say though I still like his work but now I’m not as impressed by the man as much sadly. Some photos i think aren’t worth it if it degrades the person your photographing.

    The comments in this post says a lot about the guy not normally seen in publications.

  5. what a great tribute! i honestly didn’t know his name, but of course you’re right- i know that work! (and love it). his photographs are just beyond beautiful- they’re such great stories too. thanks so much for the education 🙂